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Official Blizzcon 2023 Information

Convention Details

  • When: November 3-4, 2023
  • Where Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA
  • Cost: Price varies based on type of ticket purchased

Epic Loot: A Gamer’s Guide to Snagging BlizzCon 2023 Tickets

When is Blizzcon 2023

Blizzcon 2023 will be held November 3-4, 2023 in Anaheim, California.

Where is BlizzCon 2023

The convention is held at the Anaheim Convention Center located near Disneyland.

The address is:
800 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

Traditionally Blizzard rents the entire convention center and it seems that this year will be no exception. There are several changes to the format, which we have very few details about. The opening ceremony, all panels, and community night will now be in the Arena. We are not sure yet what will be inside Hall E where the opening ceremony is normally held.

How much are BlizzCon 2023 Tickets

BlizzCon has two different ticket tiers, including $299 for General admission and $799 for the Portal Pass.

General Admission Details

  • Access to all halls
  • Early access to the BlizzCon store on Thursday
  • Exclusive BlizzCon in-game goodies
  • Official BlizzCon backpack

Portal Pass Ticket Details

  • Includes everything in the General Admission package plus the following
  • Exclusive Portal Pass Lounge
    • Private viewing lounge
    • Private concessions
    • Meet and greets with Blizzard Employees
  • Separate Registration line for badge pickup/name changes
  • Separate security line
  • Early access to the convention center (to the lounge only)

How can I Buy BlizzCon 2023 Tickets

The tickets will be sold in two separate waves, one on July 8, 2023, at 10 am PDT and the second on July 22, 2023, also at 10 am PDT. Blizzard has once again partnered with AXS as their ticket sale provider. The ticket sale page for BlizzCon is here. Conversely, you will be able to traverse to AXS directly from the official BlizzCon website.

Tips for Purchasing BlizzCon Tickets

Purchasing BlizzCon tickets can be an extremely stressful experience, but with a bit of preparation, you can not only reduce some of that stress but also enhance your chances of successfully buying tickets during the official sale.

Join Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to BlizzCon and the BlizzCon community. Joining these groups proves helpful for various reasons. Not only do they usually assist their members in securing tickets, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with others in the BlizzCon community.

Recommended groups are:

Team Up With Friends

We highly recommend approaching the ticket sale as if it were a raid. You want to ensure that all your bases are covered, which means you will need some assistance! Having several friends (and/or family members) assist you, even if they are not attending, will increase your chances of obtaining a ticket. In the event they are successful and you are not, they can always transfer the ticket to your name after the sale is completed.

Organize a time with everyone and use voice chat, such as Discord to help coordinate your efforts.

Notify Your Bank or Credit Card Company in Advance of the Purchase

Contact your credit card company or bank in advance and inform them about the upcoming large purchase from AXS, specifying the dates. It is important to avoid the inconvenience of a declined charge due to the payment processor mistaking it for a fraudulent transaction. Every second counts when buying tickets, and there is nothing worse than facing a bank rejection and having to waste time resolving it before completing the purchase.

Register Early with AXS

Be sure to register NOW on the AXS site. Don’t wait till 9:55 am on Saturday to do so. Have all your payment information saved, address, and everything else pertinent to the transaction so that the checkout process can be streamlined.

How Can I Purchase After-Market Tickets Safely?

When it comes to purchasing BlizzCon tickets, it’s essential to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid falling victim to scams. Here are a few key strategies to help you navigate the ticket-buying process safely and securely.

Use the Official BlizzCon Ticket Sale

Firstly, always make sure to purchase tickets from official and reputable sources. The official BlizzCon website is the most reliable place to acquire legitimate tickets. Be wary of third-party websites or individuals claiming to have extra tickets at discounted prices. Such offers may seem tempting, but they often turn out to be scams. Stick to authorized channels to minimize the risk of being scammed.

Be Cautious So You Aren’t Phished

Secondly, be cautious of phishing attempts. Scammers may create fake emails or websites that mimic the official BlizzCon platform to trick unsuspecting buyers into revealing personal information or making payments for non-existent tickets. Double-check the email sender’s address, carefully review the website’s URL, and look for signs of authenticity, such as secure payment gateways and official logos. When in doubt, directly visit the official website or contact BlizzCon’s customer support to verify any suspicious communications.

Be Careful to Use Proper Payment Methods

Lastly, consider using secure payment methods. Opt for reputable payment processors or platforms that offer buyer protection, such as credit cards or PayPal. These options provide an added layer of security and the ability to dispute charges or seek refunds if necessary. Avoid making payments through wire transfers or other non-traceable methods, as they offer little recourse in case of fraud.


PayPal is one of the most commonly used payment methods for the purchase of after-market BlizzCon tickets. It is still best to be cautious when using PayPal because you could still get scammed. Unless it is someone YOU KNOW PERSONALLY make sure that you use the Service and Goods option with PayPal. This is the only option with PayPal that will protect you and allow you to refund your payment should you get scammed. As a seller you also want to make sure you receive payments this way because the protection goes both ways, it protects both the buyer and the seller.

When paying this way, there is an associated fee 2.99% on top of the charge. For the General Admission pass you can expect to pay around $9 in fees, for a total of $308. The buyer usually includes this fee so that the seller doesn’t have to absorb the cost.

The Portal Pass Fee will be about $24 (making the total cost $823).


Venmo will assist you in the case of a fraudulent transaction, but only in the case that you inadvertently send the payment to the wrong person. You CAN cancel a payment in the case where the transaction hasn’t been completed but after that, it is really difficult to get a refund. Venmo customer service WILL NOT refund you in the case that you send money to someone who then scams you.

We do not recommend using Venmo for your payments.

Wire Transfers (Western Union)

Under no circumstance should you ever use a wire transfer for payments. You have ZERO recourse for a refund if you use this method and get scammed.

Use WTBlizzcon

Want to Blizzcon makes it our mission to ensure that tickets listed here are posted at face value. We have helped hundreds of people buy tickets safely and securely. Join our Discord and message Elke if you need help. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Use Common Sense

Finally, USE COMMON SENSE. If it seems too good to be true, or you don’t feel good about the transaction, DON’T DO IT. Tickets are always available, especially as BlizzCon gets closer. People frequently cancel as life situations change, they get buyer’s remorse, etc.

By following these precautions and staying informed about the latest scamming techniques, you can significantly reduce the risk of being scammed when buying BlizzCon tickets. Remember, it’s better to be cautious and take your time than to rush into a purchase and end up losing both your money and the opportunity to attend the event.